Remaja Islam Cut Meutia (RICMA)

Tentang Remaja Islam Cut Meutia (RICMA)

The Cut Meutia Mosque Youth Group (RICMA) was first established on the 21st of August 1947 by caretakers of the Cut Meutia Mosque alongside the youths of that time, as an attempt to counter the deviation of teenage social circles influenced by foreign cultures and youth mischief contrary to religious norms and Indonesian values itself. At that time, RICMA’s purpose was to advance virtuousness, knowledge and charity within the pubescent community through religious activities appealing to teenagers and trends of that time. RICMA was first headed by Drs. Adang Djunaedi who was then succeeded by Colonel Dr. H Saefudin Donondjoyo M.M. of the Indonesian Armed Forces.

At the same time, RICMA was also active in the establishment of the Communications Body of Mosque Youth Groups (BKPRMI). RICMA entered it’s golden age in the 80’s under the leadership of H. Indra Setiawan Harsono who motioned for Indonesian mosques to establish a Mosque Youth Organization as well as arrange constructive, large-scaled activities as a means to garner recognition nationwide and within the South East Asian region. This was achieved through the invitation of Muslim Malaysian youths to the Cut Meutia Mosque followed by a speech by President Soeharto on the day of the memorial of the Prophet’s ascension, with regard to mosque youth groups as a youth generation supervision alternative.

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